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Why does the marketplace always seem to be chronically short of native plants for contractors, designers and gardeners seeking to pursue sustainable and eco-landscapes, while simultaneously landscape architects and designers seem predisposed to specifying their favorite standbys? Functional landscapes for pollinator and bird habitat or stormwater management demand native species, but are straight species always necessary? What about horticultural selections? “At a time when we know scientifically how important native plants are to the ecosystem and we don’t yet have a broad market, growers are in a tough spot.” Functional landscape proponents like Doug Tallamy (University of Delaware professor and author of Bringing Nature Home and more recently co-author of The Living Landscape) are traversing the country promoting native species for their ecological contributions. Yet, he’s at a loss for where to send new native plant enthusiasts to get an ecologically functional landscape or plant palette. (2015) by Carol Becker in May 2015 Landscape Architecture magazine