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Easy Process in Owning a Newly Built Home

Though others see it more convenient moving into pre-owned homes, stats show otherwise. Who can blame homebuyers wanting newly built homes? With the freedom to have the builder customise the house and make sure it gets your personal touch, who could resist that new house smell to say the least? A company like Redink Homes Builders’ ten years of experience is convenience, because pre-construction purchases get done already. Not only that, though you have a say in how your newly built home comes out, you are sure that the basics of today’s lifestyle: like walk-in closets, kitchens that are eat-in and open, big master bathrooms amoung others, are easily incorporated.

Economically, don’t discount maintenance free guarantee with the new plumbing. Likewise, new homes are energy-efficient, with built-in alarm systems, fire safety features, Internet and cable wiring.

In the Market for Advice in Acquiring a New House

What are the things you need to know when buying a house from a Perth new home builder WA has today that caters to every member of your family?

* Choose a builder that can prove its good reputation.

* If possible, pay a visit to the community to learn as much as you can on the kind of neighborhood you’re transferring to.

* With regards to your budget, prioritize location, floor plan and square footage first. Renovations can follow.

* Ask anything about your floor plan including room sizes and possible upgrades if not during construction, then in the future.

* Does the builder have a good warranty? The innovative styles of Redink Homes also include a lifetime structural warranty.

* Know the completion date. Four months waiting time is the average. However, experience dictates adding another month.

* Make sure your loan gets pre-approved first for a guideline before you go house hunting. Good news is, experienced and stable new home builder Perth has today offers financing options.

* Choose the developer first. Then, choose from one of their newly built houses.

* Visit the house during and after construction.

* Verify options and pricing in upgrades. Remember, builders will give you a price from the new house’s bare bones. Check also if the lender of your new home builder Perth, WA has will finance the upgrades. Otherwise, you’ll pay for them in cash.

* Beware that it’s sometimes in the fine print that when you do not verify your requested upgrades during a certain time, the builder can decide on these upgrades themselves.

* Instead of price reductions, look for builder concessions through upgrades.

* For convenience, when accidents happen, it’s nice to have leftover vinyl, carpet scraps, paint and granite tiles handy to make sure replacement matches.

Setting Your Schedule

You’re almost properly psyched on this new home. Here is the last set of steps that you need to put down in your calendar for your new, innovative house from Redink Homes.

* Qualification with a lender

* Viewing of model houses, floor plans and elevations. This is when upgrades and everything else that go along with your new house get discussed.

* Selection of lot, house and contract execution

* Contract signing

* Final walk-through and granting of certificate of occupancy

* Visit new home builder Perth wa has online at https://www.redinkhomes.com.au/. They can make it easier and quicker for you.

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